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Citation is a powerful and easy to use bibliographic database system for research writing that organizes notes and tracks references.

Citation provides academic writers with a system for entering references as records in a database program, on "notecard-like" forms, rather than as formatted footnotes or full bibliographic cites prepared according to a style guide. Once the records are in a Citation database, you'll be able to generate citations in any style you need, instantly (Citation lets you choose from over 1,000 predefined formats for your references). If you need to prepare your paper with references in a different style, you can reformat the citations by rerunning Citation. It's that easy.

You can use Citation just like your speller and thesaurus -- from your word processor's menu, as one of your writing tools. The result is that you can focus on your writing and let Citation take care of your bibliographic references.

Here's a basic overview of how Citation looks and works.

In Citation, bibliographic references and notes are stored in your Citation datafile, along with keywords, URLs, and other information necessary to your research. Citation provides you with "data entry" forms for different types of source works. These forms will help you organize and retrieve information easily and quickly.

In the early phases of researching your topic, you can use BookWhere to locate sources that might be useful to your project, and import these directly into your Citation datafile.

You can keep research notes and excerpts in your database, on special forms designed specifically for notes. Citation will place excerpts in your document where you need them, as it writes your citations.

For a more complete view of how Citation works, take the Guided Tour of Citation, or download the demo and try it for free. Our Feature list also provides some useful details on Citation's general characteristics.


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